Bartitsu and sufferage

Womens Rights come in a new form

Estimate your  distance!

        improvised Weapons

While primarily utilizing everyday items as weapons that coincide with victorian fashions; Bartitsu taught its practioners to fight with canes, umbrellas, vests, pocket watches, etc....  



 Edward William Barton-Wright

 A British engineer who had spent three years living in the Empire of Japan, returned to England in 1898, and announced the formation of a "New Art of Self Defence".  The art, which he had named Bartitsu, was a combination of his own surname and of "Jujitsu"; and combined the best elements multiple fighting styles.  Barton-Wright studied "boxing, wrestling, fencing, savate and the use of the stiletto under recognised masters", reportedly testing his skills by "engaging toughs until he was satisfied in their application." Barton defined Bartitsu as "self defence in all its forms"