While my three dimensional works are primarily Ceramic, and Metal.  

I have experience in welding, casting & mold making, woodwork and much more.  I enjoy working from conception; to design; to execution of the project.  If you have a project idea, or have something you would like a quote on please email me atkrazyenrique@krazyenrique.com 

                              Jason Oliver's Art

Introduced to me in my first year of Art School, stenciling always gave me an artistic outlet even if my budget was less than forgiving.  I was able to take images that caught my attention and adapt them to my own vision.  

     Eventually I took to spraying my images onto t-shirts, furniture and every once in a while some one's vehicle.  Images have been modified from other rattle-can artists, as well as professionals like Banksy of England. 

Pop icons are prevlent some academic faces also appear. 

Interested in getting one for your self? Just click the "ordering" page and fill out the contact form and I will email you back soon.


     Ceramics            Mixed Media

Jason Oliver art