Dao (sabre, 刀)
Qiang (spear, 槍)
Jian (straight sword, 劍)
​Gun (棍) also known as Staff
Halberd (halberd, 戟)
Axe (斧)
Battle axe (鉞)
Hook sword (鉤)
Chain whip (鞭)
BiānMace (鐧)
Hammer (錘)
Talon (挝)
Ranseur (Trident-halberd) (镗)
​Long-handled spear (槊) also known as Lance
Short cudgel (棒)
​Walking Stick (拐) also known as Crutches, or Tonfa in western-adapted language.
Meteor hammer (流星 Liu xing)

​These weapons are commonly used by the monks at the Wudang Mountains


            weapons of kung fu

                           THE EIGHTEEN ARMS OF WUSHU

The eighteen main weapons of Chinese martial arts. The origin of the list is unclear and there have been disputes with regards to what the eighteen weapons actually are. However, all lists contain at least one or more of the following weapons:

                                   THE EIGHTEEN ARMS OF WUSHU